Psychotherapy and Emotion Research Laboratory

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences          Director: Stefan G. Hofmann, Ph.D
Boston University                                             

The Psychotherapy and Emotion Research Laboratory focuses on the following issues:
  • Treatment mechanisms: How does cognitive behavioral therapy work?  What is the mechanism of treatment change, and what are the active ingredients?  How can treatments be improved further?

  • Translational research: How can we translate knowledge from basic neuroscience into clinical techniques to enhance therapies for anxiety disorders?

  • Culture and mental health: What are the culture-specific expressions of mental disorders, and how can psychological treatments be made more culturally sensitive in order to enhance their efficacy, dissemination, and acceptability?

  • Emotion research: What are the effects of emotion regulation strategies on anxiety and subjective well-being?

  • Psychopathology and nosology: What is the psychopathology of social anxiety disorder?  Are there any meaningful subgroups?

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