Psychotherapy and Emotion Research Laboratory

Department of Psychology                  Director: Stefan G. Hofmann, Ph.D
Boston University
Current Lab Members
Stefan G. Hofmann, Ph.D., Director and Professor of Psychology at Boston University
Alexander von Humboldt Professor and Professor at Philipps-University in Marburg, Germany 
Avigal Snir, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate
Abigail Barthel, Fifth Year Graduate Student
Danielle Moskow, Fourth Year Grad Student
Ellen Hendriksen, Visiting Ph.D. - CBT Therapist
PERL Reunion, ABCT 2019
PERL Reunion, ABCT 2018
Lab Alumni
Megan Pinaire, Research Coordinator
Angelina Gomez, Former Graduate Student
Idan Aderka, Ph.D. Visiting Scholar, Isreal
Josh Curtiss, Former Graduate Student
Joseph Carpenter, Former Graduate Student
Simona Stefan, Former Visiting Scholar
Aleena Hay, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Bridget Hearon, Post-Doctoral Researcher
Robbert Langwerden, Former Research Fellow
Alejandra Piquer Martinez, Former Visiting Scholar, Spain
Hans-Jakob Boe, Former Visiting Scholar, Norway
Xinghua Liu, Visiting Scholar, China
Shelley Kind, Graduate Research Assistant
Ty Sawyer, Former Graduate Student
Kristina Conroy, Former Research Coordinator 
Angela Nickerson, Former Visiting Scholar, Australia
Ashley Witt, Former Research Coordinator
Angela Fang, Former Graduate Student
Nora Esser, Visiting Scholar, Germany
Johann D'Souza, Masters' Student

Fan Yang, Visiting Scholar, China
Kátia Alessandra de Souza Caetano, Visiting Scholar, Brazil
Vera Gößl, Visiting Scholar, Austria
Alexa Lambros, Visiting Research Assistant
Shelley Capozzoli, Former Research Coordinator
       Xinqi Chen, Visiting Scholar, China
Anu Asnaani, Former Graduate Student
Idan Aderka, Former Visiting Scholar, Isreal
Imke Vonk, Former Visiting Scholar, The Netherlands
Ben Dickstein, Former Graduate Student
Rachel Ojserkis, Visiting Graduate Student
Giovanbattista Andreoli, Visiting Scholar, Italy
Angela Bieda, Visiting Scholar, Germany
Leigh Andrews, Research Coordinator
Barbara Depreeuw, M.Sc., Visiting Scholar, Belgium
Sharon Eldar, Visiting PhD, Isreal
Cassidy Gutner, Former Graduate Student
Marta Miragall Montilla, Visiting Scholar, Spain
Nathalie Vuille, Visiting Scholar, Switzerland