Psychotherapy and Emotion Research Laboratory

Department of Psychology                  Director: Stefan G. Hofmann, Ph.D
Boston University

Information for Potential Consumers

Have you experienced a traumatic event? Are you experiencing distress as a result of this experience?

If so, you may be eligible to receive treatment at no cost as part of a research study at Boston University. We are examining the helpfulness of different treatments adults who are experiencing distress related to a traumatic event. Often people who have gone through such an experience suffer from things like:

- Intrusive, distressing memories of the assault (including nightmares)

- Fear or avoidance of people, places or events that remind you of what happened

- Feeling on-edge, irritable, guilty or afraid

If you have experienced any of these symptoms or other types of distress and are interested in getting help as part of a research study, please contact us. If you're unsure about whether this study would be a good fit for you or want more information, we would be happy to speak with you. Compensation can go up to $80 for completion of some parts of the study.

For more information, please call (617)358-2250, email, or visit our website at